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Archive launch event – 13 January 2016

Simon Frith, Pete Frame and Dave Laing
Simon Frith, Pete Frame and Dave Laing

To mark the acquisition of Pete Frame’s archive material, we hosted an event at the University of Glasgow library on 13th January 2016, which was attended by over a hundred people.

Pete was joined by fellow writers, Simon Frith and Dave Laing to discuss their careers in music journalism and the contents of the archives that Pete and Simon had donated to the library.

It was established that this may have been the first time all three had been in the same place since a much discussed trip to Memphis in 1973, when Ardent Records invited 120 rock writers from around the world to a show by Big Star.

The discussion spanned early British pop radio, Pete’s magazine ZigZag, his Rock Family Trees books and tv series, the Mercury Music Prize (chaired until recently by Simon) and David Bowie, who had died earlier that week.

In addition, copies of ZigZag and assorted correspondence were circulated around the audience and posters of some of Pete’s Rock Family Trees were on display.

The evening ended with some questions from the audience.